How to Avoid Razor Burn and Bumps

If you suffer from even the mildest form of razor burn you know just how irritating it can be. Not only is it physically irritating but it can also be irritating to your personal life and even have an effect on your work life.

Nothing ruins a perfect look faster than dry, red skin.

Most guys know that shaving and those annoying itchy bumps, go hand in hand but a lot of times don’t know how to resolve the problem. In this

In this article, I will not only talk about the causes of razor burn and razor bumps but also how to prevent and treat them.

Preventing razor bumps can be easy if you take the necessary time and precautions. For this, you will need to unlearn everything you are doing wrong. It is time this generation learned to shave like good ol’ dad used to. I will give you info on the best products to purchase and all the right tools you will need to invest in for prevention as well as treatment of that irritating razor burn. With the proper technique, good natural products, and a few tries - you will be baby-faced once and for all. Don’t worry, after this extensive how-to article, you will be able to rid yourself of that red, itchy and burning face. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you.

So what are some of the leading causes for razor bumps and razor burn?

As I see it there are 4 major causes that guys get razor bumps. If you are aware of these causes and take precautions to prevent them, you will be on your way to a clear face.

# 1 Bad Razors

Using a bad razor can greatly increase your chances of becoming prone to both razor burn and razor bumps. In my opinion, this is one cause that most guys don’t take into consideration.

cheap razor

So what constitutes a bad razor you ask? A bad razor can be a cheap razor with not enough blades. A bad razor could also be one that is used too much or has dull blades. It can be well worth it to spend some extra bucks on a razor that works instead of one that destroys your face.

# 2 An improper shave

It seems most guys these days simply don’t know how to give themselves the same kind of treatment a barber would. Practice your technique’s and get to know how your tools work.

# 3 Going against the grain

This is a huge problem that affects guys. For some reason there is a myth around that going against the grain is a better, closer shave when in reality all you are doing is slicing your face up. Instead of getting that close shave you are getting razor burn. Stop it already!

# 4 Not enough moisturizing

Guys, you are not spending enough time on your face in the morning. Get up 10 minutes earlier so you can properly prepare your face for a good painless shave.

That extra 10 minutes is guaranteed to make you look and feel better about yourself.

So, is there a difference between razor bumps and razor burn?

You bet there is...

A lot of guys think that razor burn and razor bumps are the same thing. It makes sense when you see how commonly they are associated with each other however there is a difference. If you are in that boat you are wrong and most likely treating your problem incorrectly.

The first thing you need to do is figure out which one you suffer from, or if you are unlucky enough like me to suffer from both. Without knowing the difference how can you treat it?

Razor burn

What it looks like: Razor burn also known as razor rash looks and feels just like you skinned your face… which in fact you have. It will be raw and you guessed it BURN.

What causes it: The main reason guys get razor burn is pushing too hard on your face with a razor, so ease up guys!

Razor bumps

What it looks like: When you have razor bumps occasionally known as shaving bumps it can look as if you have acne which a lot of guys think it is. In fact, it is actually the formation of ingrown hairs. It can look like white-heads or a rash of pimples.

What causes it: We just have to have that super close shave but when we do that without properly moisturizing the skin, it can have a bad effect. When I say properly, I don’t mean using grocery store shampoo!

Natural products for relief and prevention of razor burn & bumps

The absolute last thing you want to do is put harsh chemicals on your already red and raw face. This will dry out your face and irritate your skin more than it will do any good. So spend a few extra bucks guys on something 1) designed for shaving and 2) a natural product that will help keep your skin nice and moist. You will be happy you did.

Below I have listed a few good natural ingredients that are perfect for both treatment of razor burn as well as prevention of razor bumps.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a great tool to help bring much-needed moisture to your skin and help prevent ingrown hairs. Mixed with a good exfoliate such as the After-Shave with Aloe Vera & Organic Sugar Cane from Groom Culture it can help remove dead skin cells while preventing irritation and soothing your skin.

Grape seed oil

Natural oils are great natural remedies for razor bumps. Grape seed oil especially helps for an excellent pre-shave soaking without leaving your face greasy or slimy feeling. Instead you get an extra layer of protection between your razor and your skin.

Glycolic acid

Working to smooth the top layer of your skin and reducing the size of pores Glycolic acid is the perfect natural product to use to prevent razor burn and treating ingrown hairs. I recommend looking for products with this amazing ingredient in them for smooth, clear skin.

    Lavender extract

    Lavender extract has always been known to remove impurities under the skin. The great thing about it is you can add just a few drops of extract into any product and it will do its job without compromising the moisture levels in your skin.

      Starting your new razor burn / razor bump regiment…

      Now that you know some natural ingredients that are helpful when it comes specifically to razor burn and razor bump treatment you can start to come up with a plan of action. No matter how severe your razor burn/ bumps is relief on the way.

      There is absolutely nothing worse than having professional look and then those ugly red bumps staring back at you in the mirror. This can easily affect your self-confidence and ruin your day… but it doesn’t have to.

      Before beginning, make your tool box is filled with the proper tools. You will need…

      • Good Razor
      • Face Wash
      • Pre-Shave Cream
      • Shave Cream
      • After-Shave
      • Brush

      Take the knowledge you have learned in this article and put them into play. Learn the proper techniques to get rid of that unsightly razor burn and those razor bumps for good. So, here we go...

      # 1 Steamy shower

      You may not believe it, but beginning of a great shave does not start with you simply attacking your face with a razor. You need to seduce your face, prepare it for what is about to come. Taking a long hot, steamy shower will do the trick.

        This allows for your pores to open up as well as giving your whiskers a chance to soften up slightly. Another way to achieve the same effect would be placing a warm towel (as hot as you can stand) on the area’s you are going to shave for 5 good minutes.

        # 2 Pre-shave treatment 

        After your shower you can move onto your pre-shave Adding a pre-shave treatment into your routine will help get rid of ingrown hairs which can be unsightly and bothersome. I have found this simple step to be a major game changer for me when it comes to razor bump treatment.

        I recommend something like the Pre-Shave Treatment with Wheat Germ & Organic Cranberry Extract from Groom Culture. I use just a few drops and it quickly softens my toughest stubble. Whatever you choose, keep in mind you should look for something that is designed specifically for shaving rash.

        # 3 Shaving cream

        Getting a good lather is incredibly important when you need to get rid of razor bumps. Upgrade your shaving cream to a good natural product that will not leave your skin feeling dry and itching.

        To make sure you get a good lather worked up…

        • Put a dollop of good shaving cream onto your badger brush (it shouldn’t take much more) and work it into a lather with smooth circular motions.
        • Once the lather is thick and creamy, rub it into your face. Again, use circular motions. This will help fluff the hair and bring them to attention.
        • Let the lather sit for at least 1 to 2 minutes. This allows for a good soaking and prevents ingrown hair bumps.

        Note: Keep in mind it is important to get the entire area you will be shaving so the cream has time to soak into the skin, resulting in a clean, even shave.

        # 4 Quality razor

        Upgrading to a better razor will actually end up saving you money in the long run. Find a razor that works well for you and stick with it. 

        Things to keep in mind…

        • Even the slightest pull or tugging is a sign that your razor needs to be changed otherwise you are putting your skin at risk. 
        • Average use for a good razor is 5-7 uses. After that, you are asking for ingrown hair on your face.
        • Cleaning your blade in between each stroke, or every other stroke will help keep your razor as sharp as possible.

        # 5 Proper shaving technique 

        If you are going to get rid of that pesky razor burn for good you need to improve your technique. There are most likely a number of things you are doing wrong when shaving and there is always room for improvement in your routine. If you are like most men out there you need to reteach yourself how to shave.

        Here are some helpful tips to always remember when shaving your face…

        • Since the longer, tougher hairs take the longest to soak and soften, you should always begin with the shortest hair on your face. Start your shave around the sideburns and neck before moving to the tough stuff.
        • When you shave against the grain, you are actually shaving hairs that are below the surface. This can lead to ingrown hair bumps and a painful day. Say it three times fast… Go with the grain, Go with the grain. Go with the grain!
        • Replace those long strokes across your entire face with small even strokes. This allows for you to better tell what the hair situation is under the cream. We all know our hair doesn’t grow in one constant direction so this will help you keep things under control.
        • It’s time to ease up guys and give your face a break. Reduce the pressure you use when shaving and you reduce annoying razor burn. Simple as that.
        • Shaving every day can do your face more harm than good. Take a day or two off of shaving whenever you can. Give your face time to relax.

        # 6 Shave twice

        A lot of guys are in such a rush when it comes to shaving and manscaping that they completely overlook the fact that an extra 2 minutes of labor will save them a lot of grief in the future. This next step will give you a super clean shave but you have to take the time.

        If you miss a spot on your face, don’t just starting hacking away at it. Instead, wait until the end of your shave and start over. That’s right, I am asking you to shave twice. Doing this will help prevent those few pesky pop-up whiskers you notice in the bathroom halfway through the day. Taking the extra time will also ensure you are razor burn free.

        # 7 Close your pores

        So, your done right? Nope, but don’t worry. There are only a few more quick steps to be the perfect clean shaven man you wanna be. Remember how you soaked your face in the steamy shower to open your pores up? Well now, we are going to do just the opposite.

          If you are really worried about ingrown hairs and razor bumps then this step is essential. Take a washcloth and soak it in cold water. Place over your face for a good 2 minutes to close those pores up. This will help with your ingrown hair treatment as well as keeping unwanted bacteria out of your skin.

          # 8 After-shave treatment 

          After-shave is extremely important when it comes to shaving your face but the fact is that a lot of guys simply don’t do it. I don’t understand how they can go through so much attention to detail and then skip this one simple step. Besides after shaves help reduce redness and soothe your face after the unfair treatment you just gave it.

            After-shave is best applied directly after a cool towel but I like to put it on about 30 minutes after I have shaved as well. This gives me an extra bit of protection to last throughout the day.

            My personal favorite is the After-Shave with Aloe Vera & Organic Sugar Cane from Groom Culture. There is nothing better to me than the cool feeling of aloe on my face after a good shave.

            # 9 Keep your tools in working order

            If you are going to have a good shave the next time around you need to keep your tools in proper working order.

              For the best results on your next shave…

              • Rinse that badger brush out and make sure it is hang dried so that the bristles don’t bend.
              • Give your razor a once over. Remove any loose hairs, wipe it down with a splash of rubbing alcohol and make sure it is dry to prevent rusting.
              • Make sure all caps are sealed with your products such as pre-shave, shave cream and after-shave. This will allow them to be fresh and ready to go when you are.

              And remember, don’t get frustrated if your technique isn’t perfect the first time around. It will take lots of practice but eventually, you will learn your face like the back of your hand. Never stop trying and best of luck!